About Resolve Legal Solutions

In San Diego, Southern California, and statewide, Resolve Legal Solutions is frequently called upon to provide dedicated representation: to parents enduring stressful situations with the educational needs of their children (including those with exceptional needs), with respect to environmental matters and to those persons seeking to deal with criminal liability and its impact on their livelihood.

Gabriela Torres

Gabriela M. Torres is the Managing Partner of Resolve Legal Solutions. A native of San Diego, she combines her passions for helping children with special needs, protecting our precious environment and bringing people together through her international dispute resolution experience.

Paul Ingram

Paul Ingram is an Oxford-educated attorney whose large law firm background, proven skills in corporate finance transactions, and experience in the fields of special education, environmental disputes and dealing with the impact of a criminal conviction are valuable assets toward achieving client goals.

Together, Gabriela and Paul lead an effective team effort, dedicated to the principle that everyone matters, and everyone deserves the right to attentive, committed and quality legal advice.

To contact our team of skilled, versatile lawyers for a free informative initial consultation, call Resolve Legal Solutions by phone at 619-333-6807 or by sending an email message from this website.