Attentive Advocacy For Your Prepaid Card Dispute

Prepaid cards are increasingly popular. When you acquire a prepaid card account, you should have every reason to believe that you will receive accurate assessments of purchases, balances and descriptions of transactions.

If you have not received these services in a timely manner, and your card activity has been repeatedly misstated, or you feel victimized by incompetence or negligence by a financial institution — you should speak to our experienced San Diego consumer law firm right away.

At Resolve Legal Solutions, attorneys Gabriela M. Torres and Paul Ingram listen carefully to the horror stories that plaintiff clients bring, prior to contentious credit card disputes. They aggressively advocate for their clients' rights when incorrect accounting, careless maintenance of an account and the continuing epidemic levels of identity theft shortchanges card holders and their families.

Look to Resolve Legal Solutions for exceptional assistance for prepaid card disputes stemming from:

  • Unauthorized transactions
  • Prepaid credit card issues
  • Identity theft
  • Credit card company negligence
  • Lawsuits to collect reimbursement and damages
  • Hearings before arbitration bodies

Have you noticed a series of unauthorized transactions on your prepaid card? Has the credit card company been uncooperative in response to your requests for a refund? Are you suspicious of fraudulent behavior by a company that issued a prepaid Visa card, for example?

This is where we come in. As your lawyers, Resolve Legal Solutions provides the research and representation needed to achieve a favorable outcome for anyone who feels they have been taken advantage of by a credit card company, identity theft and credit card fraud.

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