Sound Environmental Law Guidance For Californians

Dedicated environmental attorneys Gabriela M. Torres and Paul Ingram, at Resolve Legal Solutions, are well-versed in the practice areas of CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act), water quality, climate change and international environmental law.

CEQA is a statute designed to allow state and local agencies to identify significant environmental impacts of their actions — and to address, avoid, lessen or improve those impacts, if feasible.

Ms. Torres is an experienced environmental law attorney who actively pursues a local and statewide private practice. Her law firm represents interests of plaintiffs who are in dispute with local corporate polluters, and advises businesses on how to arrive at, and maintain, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) compliance with state environmental laws.

Major recent examples of Gabriela's environment-related representation are her handling of water quality, sewage and sanitation conditions in the Tijuana River Valley, and her coordination with state and federal officials, and policy people who enlist her support situationally.

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