Special Education Hearings And Dispute Resolution

Is your family in disagreement with a school district over a district's offer of a free and appropriate education? Has a school district decided that your child does not qualify for special education services?

Your rights and interests, and those of your child's, are in capable hands when you retain our Resolve Legal Solutions to handle your case during due process hearings and in court if necessary.

Our law firm's founder, Gabriela M. Torres, brings experience, knowledge and compassion to her special education law practice, to the benefit of clients throughout California. She is a lawyer who is highly steeped in dispute resolution training. She knows how to locate common ground between parties and consistently reach positive outcomes.

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Disputes typically begin with complaints about:

  • Disagreement regarding services offered
  • Behavioral problems such as disruptive "acting out" in the classroom, often requiring interventions
  • Lack of academic progress
  • Complaints about a school's compliance with previously agreed-to education plans
  • Suspensions and expulsions

For any due process hearing or litigation that takes place during a dispute, Resolve Legal Solutions is with you every step of the way — advocating, negotiating and educating you to what's needed for a favorable outcome.

Your opportunity to learn more, and to meet our founding attorney Gabriela M. Torres, is your initial consultation at our San Diego, California, law offices. To arrange this critical first meeting, just call 619-333-8878 or reach us from this website by email.